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What our valued clients say

On behalf of the Technique Spa staff and therapists, we would like to thank you for your appreciation and feedbacks. We hope to serve you again soon!



I finally found a massage spa that I could keep forever! Ask for Ms. Joy Jinky. A two-hour combo practically melted away my sore and tight knitted muscles. Outstanding techniques!

Mark Floro

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I'm satisfied with the service! It's my second time tonight!

Christina L​uy

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Just had the best Ventosa and massage in Quezon City. Napaka relaxing and grabe sa goodvibes yung pakiramdam ko after ng Vestosa therapy! Next time I'll have my family members experience Hot Stone Therapy.
Danelle Ang 
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Happy 1 year technique spa... More years to come and more clients ang tips to come god bless and congrats!!

Eirol Briones Matcayda

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The service was excellent, i'm glad i called, and the service was the best!
Fidel Alberto Isip
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Good quality service that will definitely leave you coming back for more.
Juan Timoteo Lopez

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Very relaxing after having Ventosa, hubby even fall asleep while having massage! Thumbs up!
Diana Co
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2 thumbs up!! variety of style,, different techniques. 
Alexandra Sarte Cuenca

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Excellent service. Very convenient and you get what you pay for.
Neil Cuenza
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Great service! fast response and on time service. 
Mary Jane Tan
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Ingenius! It's like having a spa going to you, not the other way around. Technique Spa has definitely changed my lifestyleI have more time now to spend on other things unlike before that I have to go to a spa place and looking for a parking slot is stressful plus the traffic. Not to mention that I had one of the best spa experience with my parents and we were talking and sharing our thoughts at home while having a back massage at our own home. 
Allan Oguis
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