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Ventosa or “Cupping Therapy” came from an ancient method of treatment wherein our therapist targets and soothes the specific “Acupressure points” on your body. These Acupuncture pressure points are vital parts of the body that need treatment, in order to release the pressure or muscle tension and toxins that build up due to our lifestyle and work on a daily basis.

Cold air may sometimes get trapped between our muscle fibers, causing tension in the veins and hindering the usual circulation of the blood cells that circulate through the body. The most common fix for this kind of issue is by having a massage, another fix by having a Ventosa session.

In the Ventosa therapy, our Technique Spa therapist uses modern types of equipment that are made of a glass cup, which will then be placed on the targeted acupressure points in and around our clients’ back portion. There are different types of cupping techniques and Technique Spa utilizes the method of fire cupping.

Before placing the glass cup, our specialist will ignite a small candle and put it on top of the acupressure point and covers it with the specialized glass. This method would create a vacuum inside the glass so that the flame from the candle would easily burn out. There is nothing to worry about since the flame would not hurt the skin and the client would just feel warm and tingling sensation around the spot where the candle was lit.

The cold air that was stuck between the muscles fibers would be forced to come out due to the pressure of vacuum made by the said method.

The part of the skin that was sucked by the specialized glass would turn red because of the vacuum. It would not swell or hurt or anything, just let it be. Usually, it takes a day or two and the red spots on the skin would disappear.

After the Ventosa session, you would feel an extremely relaxing sensation especially around the parts where the suction points where it was targeted. It would release the tension in the muscles that were treated with the cupping technique.

Book now and experience having an exotic style of massage treatment inspired by the ancient techniques and get the best relaxation only here at Technique Spa.

450.00 / 1 hour and 30 mins