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Swedish relaxation massage decreases the bad stress hormones in us, leaving our body relaxed and free of bad chemicals. Swedish massage can improve our mood and make our body rest. Chemistry in the brain is also improved by releasing relaxing hormone throughout our body

The Technique Spa home service Swedish massage uses oil to lubricate the skin to massage our body. Our massage specialists utilize the Swedish techniques with the use of rubbing and gliding, of the thumb, palm, skin, and other fingers. The Swedish massage is popular among Filipinos and it is one of the most requested massage technique in our list.

It promotes blood circulation leading to more oxygen intake in our body. It boosts the immune system and stimulates body growth. It removes body toxins due to better blood circulation. It prevents the hormonal imbalance that causes physical pain such as back pain, headaches and such. It also fixes digestive and sleeping problems. 

Our massage therapist executes the Swedish massage with varying pressure (from soft, moderate, hard) and can adjust the amount of pressure based on the needs of our clients. Starting from the sole of the foot, going to the legs, then the back, to the arms and hands, and then finally to the head and face. The therapist will use both hands carefully to rub and apply the perfect pressure in the targeted areas and the outer tissue of the body. A gentle rubbing will be applied after the moderate to coarse massage that will make you feel that your body is melting.

The Technique Spa home Swedish massage service is best received in a relaxing environment. A quiet dim room with soft music is an example of a good environment that is suited for massage. You will definitely forget all your problems and stress after a great Swedish massage session.

For inquiries, you can call and book us a schedule regarding the home Swedish massage service

250.00 / hour