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Deep Tissue Massage

The Technique Spa Deep tissue massage is also known as the "Sports Massage".  This type of massage technique was made to serve athletes, people with extra-curricular activities or sport, or people who have a highly active lifestyle in general. The Technique Spa Sports Massage can cater to sporty individuals for regular joggers to Olympic athletes. It is basically geared towards targeting the areas of the muscles that are regularly overused or regularly requires aggressive movements. 

The Technique Spa Sports Massage therapy is usually requested for pre-event preparations so that the muscles are conditioned in an optimum state to keep the muscle’s performance at its best state.

Studies show that individuals who’ve had their regular sports massage on or before their training or competition performed better than those individuals who haven’t had a sports massage therapy. Another study that was performed in the year 2010 that was featured in the journal of Strength and Conditioning Research Center states that a 30-second massage improved hip-flexion range of motion.

This means that the angular rotation of the hip increases in angle and distance making the body more flexible and stable and maintains the body’s center of balance. Therefore, if a 30-second sports massage therapy can do all these kinds of things our body, imagine what it can do with a fully-customizable massage therapy to target only the specific parts depending on our demands.

Some of the other benefits of our home sports massage service aside from getting professional deep tissue / sports massage therapy at your home are the following:

·         It lowers the heart rate and blood pressure

·         It helps ease muscular and joint pains and stress

·         It helps heighten the mood and helps decrease emotional stress through the relaxing sensation that our valued customers get from the massage therapy session.

Our Technique Spa massage specialists are well-trained to administer the best home service deep tissue / sports massage available in Quezon City, Metro Manila

450 / hr