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Pre/Post Natal Massage

Technique Spa offers a specialized pre/post-natal massage for pregnant women, whether they have experienced it for the first time or not. Our Technique Spa massage specialists are well-trained to provide a soothing therapeutic massage for conceiving women and women who are already pregnant. There are many claimed benefits from getting an effective pre/post-natal massage:


  • Pre/post-natal massage can relieve headaches when our Technique Spa massage specialist massages our client’s head area starting from the forehead, to the neck, and then the shoulders. After the performed head massage, our client’s level of stress will lessen due to the relaxing strokes and specific targeting of the tensed nerves that causes headaches and migraine.
  • The relaxation caused by the massage would also release the tensed muscles on the shoulder area and the back of the head. It would also release the tension on the joints that bears the weight of the body specially that our clients are carrying a baby.
  • This type of massage improves blood circulation and mood that can also affect the developing baby. It can also lessen the anxiety cause by stress and migraine.
  • Pre/post-natal massage eliminates the feeling of discomfort that chronically occurs during pregnancy like backache, stiff neck, leg cramps, and edema or swelling.
  • Breastfeeding can often be challenging to women specially if they are first-time moms due to the position of their body when they feed their children. They sometimes feel back aches and shoulder. Our Pre/Post-natal massage service can improve breast feeding by releasing muscle stress and nerve tension on the back part of the body, the chest muscles, and the shoulders.
  • Technique Spa’s Pre/Post-natal massage service increases the production of the body’s serotonin, endorphins and dopamine levels that proves to be very effective in promoting deep sleep that triggers the body’s full recovery.
  • After birth, getting a regular massage therapy can yield faster healing benefits for new mothers. Through thorough soft tissue treatment, the body can recover faster from body fatigue after a rigorous child birth.


The less risk of pregnancy to women can greatly benefit from our Technique Spa’s Pre/Post-natal professional massage therapist.

For women with high-risk pregnancies, it would be best to consult the doctor or midwife before booking for one of our massage therapy programs. Please be advised that If you experience discomfort during the Pre/Post-natal massage, then tell our massage specialist immediately.

Technique Spa’s massage professionals use modern equipment and aromatic gels and lotions to provide the best-quality home-service Pre/Post-natal massage in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Book now or check out our services available on the website’s services page. 

450.00 / 1 hour 30 minutes