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Pinoy Hilot

Pinoy Hilot or the “Filipino traditional healing method” is a special home service massage from Technique Spa. The difference between a regular massage and the Pinoy Hilot is that the regular massage is focused on relaxation, while the Pinoy Hilot follows the basic natural ways of healing that depend on our client’s unique or specific healing needs.

Our Technique Spa massage specialists can detect and identify which parts of our client’s body are prone to injuries, energy imbalance, and other muscle aches then they will focus on treating it.

Most of our customers who prefer the Pinoy Hilot they have joint, muscle, or minor bone injuries--we call it “Pilay” in Tagalog terms. The Pinoy usually hurts (tolerable pain) because our Technique Spa massage specialists focus on the targeted injured parts. It is like most people usually say when they have injuries and have a healing massage treatment, “If a healing massage doesn’t hurt much then it is not very effective.”

A good example for this is when a person hurts their back due to an accident, it would result to back injuries and back muscle pain. What we could recommend our injured customer regarding this issue is that we could offer a Pinoy Hilot service to treat those kinds of pains. Even you will be surprised with the healing effects that Pinoy Hilot could give.

The Pinoy Hilot does not only offer a massage treatment but also the following:

Banyos – It is a therapeutic batch treatment wherein our customers are bathed in water with herbal ingredients. This method cleanses and washes away dead skin cells in the body and prevents the spread of bacteria causing diseases.

Dagdagay – It is a Filipino traditional foot massage using two bamboo sticks. Dagdagay foot massage is usually done after a foot banyos treatment wherein our massage specialist washes our customers’ foot with herbal ingredients.

For inquiries regarding our Technique Spa Pinoy Hilot service, call our hotline or send us a message via our Contact us page. Book now and get the most effective and relieving home service Pinoy Hilot in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

350.00 / hour