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Mom Massage Therapy

We are aware that breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer to the female gender worldwide and 18.2 percent of the female death is caused by breast cancer. Not only that we care for our valued customers, but also that we would like to help support breast cancer awareness in our city.

Breast cancer commonly triggers in the inner lining of milk ducts that supply milk. It develops as a malignant tumor that can spread throughout the body. It is lethal, but it can be prevented.  Technique Spa’s certified breast massage is one of the highly-specialized breast massage therapy that Technique Spa has. We have expert female masseuse to administer the certified breast massage

Aesthetic Benefit

A therapeutic breast massage is very useful when it comes to maintaining the shape of the breasts and helps to prevent sagging. After the breast massage therapy session, the breasts would look round and light that it helps women to walk with ease.

Therapeutic Benefits

A breast massage therapy helps aid for aching breasts. Our Technique Spa massage specialist would apply gentle and rhythmic touches, as well as using aromatic oils, scented lotion, and herbs to help stimulate the senses and can create an analgesic effect or a soothing feeling.

Relative to chakra and alternative healing techniques, the breast massage is administered in a way that it triggers the fourth chakra (heart) that it releases the fourth gate from stress and muscle tension. It relieves the veins around the heart area to improve blood circulation.

Health Benefits

According to Texas institute of Functional Medicines, “Getting a proper and a certified-safe breast massage therapy is a reliable means of flushing out toxins from the body’s lymphatic system. Because toxins hinder the healthy circulation in the breasts, toxic buildup, and could account for a greater chance on developing breast cancer.” – Texas Institute of Functional Medicines

Prevention Benefits

Regular sessions of having a therapeutic breast massage, along with regular appointments of getting a breast exam would be the best way of preventing the development or even occurrence of breast cancer. With proper care of the breasts and practicing a balanced and healthy lifestyle, we can positively reduce its risk.

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