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Kiddie Massage

Technique Spa offers a gentler approach in providing a massage service for your kids. Our Kiddie massage is a home service massage that stimulates growth and development for you child. Now you can have a comforting massage at home along with your children. Our kiddie massage service may increase the bond between you and your kids through massage therapy.

Massage for children offers a variety of health benefits. It is of human nature, to touch, as a way of showing love and affection. This touch stimulates the body and the mind in a positive way to help your child grow and develop faster. A Kiddie massage is beneficial at any age, especially for children who are at the age of 3 and above because some kids experience growing pains.

For kids who have problems with gaining weight, giving your child a massage would possibly promote weight gain. The massage improves blood circulation, perspiration, respiration, digestion, and bone development.

Stimulates Cognitive Development

According to Early Child Development and Care, preschoolers performed better on an IQ test following a 15-minute massage than they did from reading books. The International Journal of Neuroscience reported that massage improved function in the brain, resulting in increased alertness as well as speed and accuracy during math problems.

Therapeutic massage has been proven effective for psychological and behavioral problems. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) exhibited less hyperactivity and more on-task behavior and generally satisfied with regular massage treatments.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

According to Maria Hernandez-Reif, a researcher at the Touch Research Institute:

“Lower stress hormones not only reduce feelings of anxiety but contribute to a healthier immune system. The immune system fights illnesses by defending the body against toxins, parasites, bacteria, microbes, pathogens and viruses. Due to its relaxing effect, massage has been found to reduce asthma symptoms in children and help them adhere to a sometimes-painful diabetes treatment program."

Stimulates Motor Development

Children are developing their motor (movement) skills as they grow. Kiddie massage helps ease tension and pain in developing muscles that make motor skills possible. A study by the University of Miami indicates that massage improved motor function in children with Down syndrome, and the Journal of Pediatric Psychology reports that massage

Set a great bonding experience with your kids and book now for the best kiddie massage service in Quezon City, Metro Manila only at Technique Spa.

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