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Hot Stone

This home service massage gives a very effective healing and relaxation. It is highly recommended to people with physical and mental stress because it completely relaxes the body. The heat from the hot stones expands the blood vessels to make sure that the blood circulates throughout the body. It also helps reduce stress and release toxins from blood vessels. The heated stone is placed in the back, let it set there, and then apply a gentle massage. 

Smooth river rocks are used for the hot stone therapy. It is heated with clean mineral water and placed on the body's acupressure points. Due to the high iron content coming from the river rocks, these minerals help retain the heat that it absorbed throughout the whole session.

Some of the listed benefits of hot stone therapy are the following:

  • Muscle Relaxation - with  the use of heat and deep tissue manipulation massage, tight muscles will soften and release the tension stored from the body's day to day activities. This therapy can easily ease up stiff muscles that make us very uncomfortable.
  • Pain Reliever - due to intense deep tissue massage aided by the heat from the hot stone, it creates a soothing and calming feeling that puts us in a relaxed state.
  • Better Blood Circulation - the heated stones are allowed to set in our acupressure points to let us feel the heat as it enters our body. The heat that penetrates deeply from the skin to the veins will continue until the blood vessel expands, thus giving better circulation. It would then cause the blood vessels to carry a sufficient amount of oxygen to travel through the body.
  • Physical and Mental Health: Hot Stone massage is a natural therapeutic way of relaxation. Mental stress such as anxiety and depression will decrease due to its therapeutic effect.

Hot stone therapy is fairly increasingly popular nowadays. Some of our clients prefer hot stone therapy with massage. In Filipinos, body pains are usually caused by “lamig”. "Lamig" is a Tagalog term of cold air stored in between the muscles that cause muscle tension and sometimes muscle aches. these "lamig” trapped inside the muscles and tissues are released because of the hot stone effect.

Please be aware that the Hot Stone Therapy is not safe for pregnant women, people with high blood, breastfeeding mothers and people with medical conditions. It is still best to consult a doctor before engaging a hot stone therapy.

For more information about the Hot Stone service, you can call technique spa and inquire about this. Services are now available in both manila and Quezon City branch. You can also visit our website and facebook page for more information. Only home service massage are accommodated for technique spa’s hot stone in manila and hot stone in Quezon City.

450.00 / 45 mins