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Foot Spa & Scrub

Technique Spa's Foot scrub and Foot massage service is one type of home service massage that is most requested by the clients. The foot spa and massage service is best for women who wear high heels on a regular basis. All the weight of the body is focused in one area that causes pressure and would eventually result in muscle pains and aching feet.
Most of the women's heels suffer from hardening of the skin around the heel area of the foot--commonly known as callouses. If these callouses aren't treated properly, small to noticeable cracks would appear on random areas in the calloused area. 
Technique Spa’s home service foot scrub and foot massage available in Metro Manila and Quezon City branch. You can schedule a booking for our professional therapists to bring a foot spa equipment. The foot spa equipment emits a positive and negative electric current circulating through the water. The machine provides detoxication because it removes toxins that exist from our body and releases the free radicals to ease muscle tension around the feet area. 
What our specialists usually do is that they assist our customers to place their foot on an elevated surface and let it relax a bit. They are then required to submerge their foot in a foot bath with water that is treated  with essential oils and softening soap. The water is then heated together with the softener and essential oils to a certain degree of heat. This method softens the callous in the feet and the specialist would prepare our customer's feet for scrubbing. The feet is scrubbed using a scented ingredient called a salt scrub. The salt scrub acts as a sanding paper that scrubs and scrapes the softened callouses. After scrubbing, our specialist would apply a special softening lotion and hydrate the skin and prevent the callous from forming again. Dead skins can be actually seen falling off from the foot and sinks to the bottom part of the foot spa equipment.
After a good foot scrubbing and treatment, our therapist would perform a deep muscle massage in and around our customer's pressure points in the feet. The intensity of pressure is from light to moderate that is needed to ease the muscle aches, in the feet and lower leg area.
Our Specialist would trim our customer's nails for a complete foot spa experience. Our customers are advised to wear sandals and have a foot scrub monthly to maintain the smoothness of the skin and to prevent the callous from coming back.
Overall, the Technique Spa foot spa and scrub service smoothens and protects the feet and its skin. It removes pain and discomfort that it refreshes the toes, heel, and the lower leg. With the combination of foot scrub and foot massage, it's a complete package deal for our loving customers to have a luxurious foot treatment that they deserve.
*This Service is not available at the moment* 450.00 / 45 mins