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Facial Treatment and Massage

Our skin undergoes certain changes commonly caused by aging, genes, hormones, and sometimes the environment. The chemical reactions from applying your favorite lotion or moisturizer as it gets absorbed by your skin. Most of these changes can be easily noticed when we look at the mirror.  After waking up, while brushing our teeth, or whatever it is that we do, we tend to check our face once in a while.

Technique Spa’s Facial Treatment and Massage Service have different methods of treating your skin depending on what you have requested, or what our expert estheticians recommend. Having a good conversation with our specialist would be better so that they could know more about your skin and provide the best facial treatment that they could offer.

The facial treatment starts with the cleansing phase, wherein our esthetician removes dirt, oil, and possible makeup from your skin. They use a toning solution to apply on your face. The steaming method can be used while applying a gentle massage to soften your skin and loosen tight facial muscles. Some people enjoy the steaming method and some people do not. If you are still not used in the steaming method, just inform your esthetician so that the steam would be adjusted or removed immediately.

Our expert estheticians might also recommend the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. After the extraction of phase comes the best part.

Our specialist would require you to relax and get ready for a facial massage. The facial massage soothes the tensed muscles that harbor wrinkles and make us look old. It stimulates the nerves and improves blood circulation all throughout your face. You will look younger and a little light headed after the session because it feels really good to have a facial massage

Our service lasts for a good 1 and a half hours. Book a schedule with Technique Spa and have the best Facial Treatment and Massage Service at home.



*This service is not available at the moment* 550.00 / 1 hour and 30 mins