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The Technique Spa home service Combination massage is a mix of Shiatsu and Swedish massage wherein our massage specialists use their thumbs, palms, knuckles, limbs, and other fingers to make a kneading, pressing, stretching, and sliding motion and pinpoint our clients’ acupressure points. 
The order of the Shiatsu and Swedish massage varies depending on the order of our customers. It also depends on our customers if they prefer to get oiled up or not. Most of our valued customers preferred unoiled Shiatsu massage first to warm up their body and set their muscles in good condition before the pressing and kneading of muscles from the Swedish massage takes place. 
For the Shiatsu massage part, our Technique Spa massage specialist utilizes the stretching technique to flex and stretch our customer’s limbs and muscles. This method would make the muscle veins expand and become more elastic. Our specialist would then target the joints by lightly and slowly massaging the joints and increase the plasticity of our client’s ligaments.
For the Swedish massage part, our Technique Spa massage specialist would apply gentle, moderate, or hard massage. The Shiatsu and the Swedish style massage both have benefits like improved circulation of the blood vessels, relieving stress, attracting more good vibes in terms of mood shifts, and stabilizing the body’s energy level.
Both massage style would also improve the circulation of the body's Qi, because Qi flows along the body’s energy lines that affect a person’s mood, energy level, emotion, motivation, and even perception. The Combination massage would clear the blocked meridians and improve the body’s performance. 
The reason why people loves our Technique Spa Combination massage is that our service is flexible and we provide our valued clients with options to choose and get their customized massage style that they want.
For inquiries regarding our Combination massage, call us via the Technique Spa hotline or send us an email through our website Contact Us page. Technique Spa gives the best quality home service Combination massage in Quezon City, Metro Manila
250.00 / hour