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Body Scrub & Face Massage

Technique Spa's body scrub and face massage service package is a good choice for exfoliating the skin and releasing stress around the head region.

Uneven tan lines, skin irritations, dark spots on the skin, and even fungal infection, strained muscles on the back of the head piles up which causes improper circulation of blood that leads to chronic headaches, nausea, and makes you easily irritated, etc. All of these happen on a daily basis.

If these conditions are met, then it is time to set an appointment and get the best homes service massage and spa treatment in town.

Our professional therapists will set you up, and indulge your skin with the use of our all natural and hypo-allergenic ingredients leaving your skin smooth, fresh and vibrant after the session.

One good thing about having a facial massage after a good body scrub is that having a nice gentle to moderate facial massage feels unimaginably good while your body feels clean and fresh. It also acts like a natural facelift which makes it even better.

Our face has many acupressure points that affect the muscle, veins, and skin. That is why when we smile, our muscles stretch and bend easily as it loosens the veins to give proper blood circulation that affects our face’s acupressure point and makes up feel very calm and happy at the same time.

Technique Spa’s Body Scrub and Face Massage service is good for everyone except for people with medical conditions or fever. We also do not recommend this service if you have a sunburn because this service requires a rigorous scrubbing to removed dead skin cells. It would be best to ask your doctor before booking an appointment. 

*This service is not available at the moment* 850.00 / 2 hours