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Body Scrub with Bleach

Our body needs to be pampered once in a while, especially our skin. Our skin is the first thing that people notice when they see us. For women who love having their skin revitalized to look pretty and youthful every time without using harmful materials, Technique Spa has a good option for getting a home service body scrub and bleach.

Our expert estheticians use non-toxic and hypoallergenic ingredients in treating your skin. The initial part of the session would require you to lie down and our Technique Spa specialist will apply the mixture starting at your back. You just have to relax while you wait for the scrub mixture to set. Our specialist will then spread the scrub mixture in a rubbing motion to peel off dead skin cells. After that, you will be asked to wash the scrub along with the skin that was scrubbed off from your body. Once the dead cells are removed, it allows new skin cells to develop thus making your skin smoother, softer, and younger.

To enhance the effectivity of the treatment, you will be asked to relax so that our specialist can apply the bleaching solution to your skin. The bleaching solution contains harmless ingredients and natural fruit extracts to rebalance the skin color and skin tone.

After bleaching, our specialist would apply cream or lotion on your skin and you’re all set. You will notice a significant change a few days after treatment and you will notice diminished dark spots from your skin that you would feel like it is glowing.

Please be aware that there are things to consider before deciding on getting a body scrub and bleach service from us. If you have sunburn or skin rashes, our hypoallergenic ingredients for bleaching might have an effect on your skin. So, when in doubt, it would be best to consult a specialist.

If you want the best body scrub and bleach experience for you and your family, you can have it at Technique Spa available in our branches in Quezon City and Metro Manila.

600.00 / 2 hours