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Body Scrub

Our body’s skin cells need the same treatment as the skin cells in our face. Lack of hygiene and pampering of our skin leads to body odor, skin allergies, irregular skin tone, warts, and other skin ailments we can think of. A good body scrub can prevent all of these from happening and can give our skin the revitalization that it deserves.

Technique Spa offers a professional body scrub at a very low price to make our skin happy. Our professional estheticians use natural ingredients like salt, coffee grounds, natural oil, and other natural elements that consist our Technique Spa signature scrub.  Our signature scrub is well known as an effective skin exfoliant, it gives betters blood circulation inside the skin that makes it glow and reduce cellulite. Its aromatic scent would give a relaxing feeling that would help reduce mental stress.

Our specialists would prefer setting up in an area with tiles and a floor drain in case our clients would like to stay in the massage table for quick towel rinsing before the body scrub session begins. Once the body scrub has started, our clients must position their head facing downwards as our specialist scrubs the back portion, the arms, and the legs and feet using the Technique Spa signature scrub mix. The rubbing motion goes in a circular direction as it moves in and around the back area to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. Our clients are instructed to take a quick shower after the scrubbing session to wash off the scrub particles that were used. They are also instructed not to use shower gel because it might remove the natural oil that was applied during the session. Our specialists would then apply lotion, and aromatics to keep the skin clean, fresh, fragrant, and healthy.

The best part is that our specialist would initiate our Technique Spa signature massage to relax the back muscles and leave our clients fully satisfied with the body scrub package.

The Technique Spa body scrub service is available for booking and it lasts about an hour and a half. Please be aware that our body scrub service is not available for our clients with sunburn or skin irritations. It is best to consult your dermatologist or doctor to avoid skin accidents. Have the best home service body scrub now and book us a schedule here at Technique Spa

550.00 / 1 hour and 30 mins