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Massage and its Benefits

home service massage

Home Service Massage

         The best massage services you will find in Quezon City, Metro Manila.     

  Pinoy Hilot
  Thai Massage
  Shiatsu Massage
  Swedish Massage
  Kiddie Massage
  Ventosa with Massage   

Hot Stone
Foot Scrub and Foor Spa
Body Scrub with Facial
Facial with Massage
Body Scrub with Bleach
Body Scrub with Massage   

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The New Trend In Relaxation!

Home Service Massage is the new trend in relaxation. Technique Spa offers a wide variety of massage services from traditional massage such as Swedish massage and shiatsu massage to more complex massage such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, Hot Stone, etc.

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Massage, in general, is any form of touch that is capable of evoking some positive change in our bodies. May it be slow, fast, gentle, hard, or any form of pressure that is applied on various parts of our body.

Therapeutic massage is an age-old art that people use to improve health and bodily functions to work more efficiently.

From ancient Greek gymnasia and Roman baths to Asian hot springs, people from around the globe recognizes massage as beneficial to relaxation, health, and wellness. Many kinds of techniques were used in executing a therapeutic massage, like the ancient Shiatsu for example. What makes Shiatsu massage different from other forms of massage is that it is a form of some Taoist Healing technique. It uses the acupuncture and acupressure but it differs in forms of diagnosis, treatment, psychological effects. This is just one of the many kinds of massage techniques that are properly taught to our professional massage therapists.

A few other styles of massage therapy and practices are Swedish and Russian styles. These are the most common and contains some familiar strokes like kneading, the use of vibration, the use of friction and percussion to create a tranquilizing, sedative effect on the body’s central nervous system.

So now that you have a better view of what a massage is, what’s in it for you and does massage really work?

There are some scientific proofs that massage actually works and most of the customers have no claimed side effects after a massage or spa session. But first, let us start from the very obvious. A good massage can trigger a relaxing feeling in the body and would improve the circulation of blood since it soothes the muscles and veins to expand and let a larger volume of blood to go through. Now here are a few examples of the linked effects after the improvement of blood circulation:


·         Improve energy flow throughout the body

·         Promotes well-nourished and healthy skin

·         Improves digestion, nutrient assimilation and waste elimination

·         Increases the detoxification functioning of the liver and kidneys

·         Improves nasal congestion and sinus conditions

·         Speeds recovery from strenuous physical exertion

·         Restores a state of balance to the body

Here at Technique Spa, we highly recommended that our clients must take a hot shower or bath, and drink plenty of water to help remove any waste products flushed out during a session. This is especially important after our customers’ first massage experience. The more that they receive their home massage service, the less likely that they will experience post-session sore muscles. 

There are some situations when in massage therapy is not advisable. If our customers experience the kinds of illness listed below, we instruct our customers to seek medical consultation first.

·         High fever

·         Cancer

·         Tuberculosis

·         High blood pressure

·         Gastric or Duodenal Ulcers

·         Varicose veins

·         Diabetes

·         Phlebitis or other blood vessel problems

·         “Pitting" Edema

·         Swollen limbs

·         Heart disease

·         Epilepsy

·         If a customer had a recent surgery or fractures,

These are certain situations where extra precautionary measures may be taken to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. In other rare occurrences, it is recommended that any kind of massage treatment must be avoided altogether. When in doubt, check with your personal physician. 

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