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Why Choose Home Service?

home service massage

Home Service Massage

         The best massage services you will find in Quezon City, Metro Manila.     

  Pinoy Hilot
  Thai Massage
  Shiatsu Massage
  Swedish Massage
  Kiddie Massage
  Ventosa with Massage   

Hot Stone
Foot Scrub and Foor Spa
Body Scrub with Facial
Facial with Massage
Body Scrub with Bleach
Body Scrub with Massage   

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The New Trend In Relaxation!

Home Service Massage is the new trend in relaxation. Technique Spa offers a wide variety of massage services from traditional massage such as Swedish massage and shiatsu massage to more complex massage such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, Hot Stone, etc.

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Let’s say you had a hard long day from work and you really need that emergency dose of relaxation. Of course you can always go to your nearest spa place and hopefully get through traffic and have a massage, or you can just have a spa at home and have the same pampering that you usually get from a regular spa place.

Most of our clients tell us their problem when going to their regular spa place. They are tired after work, they have to drive (or worse, commute) and suffer from waiting in line. They pray that the front desk calls their name right away which adds a little more stress to the mix. After waiting, they finally have themselves ready for a good hour or more of pampering until they doze off. And now their therapists have to wake them up at the end of the session which is very annoying and they have to pay to the counter and go all the way home, take a bath and end their daily routine to prepare for the day ahead.

Imagine if you could eliminate all those steps when you can have a spa or massage session directly at home where you are at your most comfortable state. The therapist would just knock at your door and let them set up a therapy area in inside you house. You just have to pay them after the therapy session let them clean their mess before they go out.

Home service massage is best for busy people and for those who doesn’t have any reason for that day to leave the house and just go to a spa. Technique Spa makes these possible for you.

And we haven’t even started with the price point. All our services are available at very reasonable prices and you can actually compare it with other spa services out there.

In conclusion, you can always decide on which type of service that you would like to choose, may it be going to a spa or having it at home. What Technique Spa offers is that you can have the convenience of having a massage without leaving the house. Therefore, you can save more time to more important things that are needed to be done, and we charge you a reasonable amount for our high-quality service.

Know more about Technique Spa through our about page. You can check our Testimonial page regarding what our customers say about our service, and you can check our Services page for more details regarding what kind of services we provide. You can give us a call via the information displayed on the home page, or you can send us a message via the Contact Us page if you are ready for booking.